Cleaning the exterior of your home each year is important when it comes to sustaining curb appeal and property value. Preparing your home for a pressure-washing service is important, so you don’t damage it or harm a technician. Follow these simple steps to ensure your service appointment goes well.

Seal Doors and Windows


Before you let a service pressure-wash your house, secure any opening where water might get through. You don’t want water damage to cause mold in your home. Make sure your windows and doors are closed completely. Use towels around any gaps at the bottom of your doors or other spots that leak.

Pro Tip: Check for loose window screens prior to having a service power-wash your house. The pressure from the water could further damage your screens if your technician is not aware.

Unplug Outdoor Extension Cords


We all know that water and electricity don’t mix. If you have power cords in your yard, remove them to prevent an electrical accident during power-washing. Keep your yard clear while people are working in it. If water hits your electricity, your home may receive a jolt. Cover your outdoor outlets before the service arrives.

Cover or Remove Plants


Not all plants could survive the intense water pressure that comes with power-washing. Since power-washing can damage fragile plants, relocate them, if possible, and shield them otherwise. Furthermore, the chemicals in cleaning products are not good for some plants. Consider shielding your ground cover if you use a specific nutrient mix.

Keep Pets and Kids Out of the Way


Clear your yard prior to the arrival of your power washing service. You should keep it clear of pets and kids. If your dog likes to run around in the grass, keep him inside or tied up for a few hours. Take the kids to a park or turn on a movie to occupy them while your home is being power-washed.

Preparing your home for a pressure-washing service requires thinking like a professional power-washer. Contact your local service for more tips and tricks to help you prepare for their specific needs. Window-Brite offers professional power-washing in O’Fallon, MO. We guarantee you won’t experience water damage and mold problems for at least 18 months after using our service. Visit our website to contact us.

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