You might have heard that pressure washing is crucial for preserving your home’s health and curb appeal. You might have even called for professional pressure washing in O’Fallon, MO, in the past. Still, homeowners that know why power washing offers many benefits to their homes might not know how often they should schedule appointments with washing experts.

General wisdom suggests that homeowners should have their patio, driveway, and house’s exterior pressure washed at least once per year. However, you should consider additional washings if one of the four following life and environmental circumstances apply.

Before Painting

Power washing your home might sound like an annoying extra step when you’re about to undergo a major painting project. However, taking care of the washing before you paint makes the painting more effortless and effective.

Pressure washing a house with an old coat of paint will remove any chipping or peeling paint spots you otherwise wouldn’t be able to get out. With that original paint gone, your new paint will firmly adhere to your home and last longer.

After a Storm

Most people don’t schedule an appointment with pressure washers until their home or business shows visual signs of uncleanliness. And nothing can get a home looking dirty quite like a bout of inclement weather.

Strong storm winds will pick up several types of dirt and debris and whip them onto your home’s exterior. Not only that but heavy rain and snowstorms dampen the areas outside our house and lead to mold and mildew formation.

If your home was affected by poor weather, you should schedule a pressure washing appointment as soon as the storm has passed.

Before Selling Your House

A home’s outward appearance is the first thing potential buyers notice. So if you haven’t washed your house recently and have left dirt and mildew to cover the exterior, you could be lowering its potential resell price.

Something as straightforward as one power washing service will strengthen your home’s curb appeal and give the house a shine that buyers won’t be able to resist. Pressure washing before selling your house can even pay for itself and more since you will be contributing to its resell value.

As a Part of Spring Cleaning

One of the best times to pressure wash a house is toward the end of spring, after the waves of pollen stop spreading through the air and clinging to your siding. Of course, you can schedule your once-per-year pressure washing appointment in spring. But if you plan that cleaning for another time, an additional washing on top of your typical spring-cleaning chores will effectively boost the appearance of your house.

Schedule a Professional Power Washing Service Today

If Mother Nature or your home renovation projects have demanded an earlier-than-expected house exterior cleaning, look no further than Window-Brite for world-class pressure washing in O’Fallon, MO. Our washing experts have all the materials and expertise needed to give your home the spotless shine it deserves.

Call Window-Brite today at (636) 577-3325 to schedule an appointment for professional power washing.

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