If you’re like many homeowners, cleaning the windows is on your list of chores to tackle in the fall. An easy task during the summer, window cleaning in the fall has a few challenges that make it more dangerous.

With 15 years of experience in window cleaning in St. Louis, we understand the risks that homeowners face when they climb up on ladders to wash windows in the fall. Hiring professionals to provide cleaning services is more than just convenient — it can keep you from experiencing a severe injury. Here, we explain some of those dangers and why you should leave this job to a window cleaning company.

Three Reasons to Leave Fall Window Cleaning to the Professionals

Hiring a professional crew for window cleaning in St. Louis allows you to enjoy sparkling clean glass without worrying about hurting yourself. You avoid three significant risks by calling a window cleaning service: wet weather, slippery leaves, and cold temperatures, all of which can make using a ladder hazardous.

1. Wet Weather

Fall is typically a rainy season in the St. Louis area, and trying to climb a ladder when it’s raining can be very dangerous. Not only is there a chance you could slip on a wet rung and fall, but placing a ladder on the wet, muddy ground could cause it to fall over. Even if you wait for a clear day to clean the windows on the upper stories, the ground can still be soggy.

2. Slippery Leaves

Wet leaves are extremely slippery, and working with them underfoot is a recipe for disaster. If you have to work outside, clear the leaves from the work area before you start to ensure you remain on a secure footing. Never place your ladder on the leaves, as it can easily slip and create a hazard.

3. Cold Temperatures

Window cleaning in St. Louis in the late fall could mean dealing with cold, even near-freezing, temperatures. Water can quickly freeze, making the ladder rungs extra slippery. Take extra care to ensure the ladder is on secure ground, not ice patches.

Working with water in extreme cold can also be dangerous to your well-being. Waterproof gloves and clothing are necessities since wet, cold clothing increases your risk of cold-related injuries. Professional window cleaning crews have this equipment and can safely manage window cleaning in any weather, ensuring everyone’s safety.

Hire Window-Brite for Safe Window Cleaning in St. Louis, MO

If you want clean windows but have safety concerns, hire Window-Brite, the St. Louis area’s leading window cleaning company, to take care of it for you. Our experienced professionals will use safe, state-of-the-art techniques to leave your windows sparkling clean. A locally owned and operated business, we prioritize customer service, integrity, and efficiency and guarantee customer satisfaction.

Don’t put your health and safety at risk by cleaning your windows yourself. For window cleaning in St Louis, MO, call Window-Brite today at (636) 577- 3325 to schedule service, or request a quote online.

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