Transform your windows with the help of professional window cleaners at Window-Brite. Windows provide beautiful views and unmatched access to natural light.

We pride ourselves on providing friendly customer service, effective window cleaning services, and upfront cost estimates. You get the best when you choose Window-Brite for window cleaning in Cottleville

Window Cleaning Cottleville MO

Signs That Professional Window Cleaning Is Right For You

You Don't Have the Right Tools

DIY window cleaning projects can result in personal injury and property damage. Our team utilizes the most advanced equipment and techniques to ensure the safety of our employees and your property. 

Limited Natural Light

Allowing the maximum amount of natural light in your home reduces energy costs. Instead of relying on electrical lights to illuminate cooking projects, trust the professionals at Window-Brite to remove obstructions from your windows, allowing much-needed natural light into your home.

Diminished Air Quality

Mold, mildew, and wood rot invite dangerous pollutants into your home. Improve your air quality and breathe easier with the help of Window-Brite. Our team provides residential and commercial window cleaning in Cottleville to ensure the comfort and safety of your family. 

You Have Specialty Windows

Specialty windows need specialty care. Whether you have arched, triangle, or elliptical windows, our team has the tools to provide excellent cleaning services. Treat your beautiful windows to the superb care of professional window cleaners. 

Nobody wants to live in a home with pests. Our window cleaning team eliminates window-loving pests, leaving your windows beautiful and pest-free. You won’t recognize your exterior windows after experiencing our window cleaning services. 

Five Benefits of Professional Window Cleaning

Better Curb Appeal

Bright, clean windows attract potential buyers to your home. Increase your property’s curb appeal today with Window-Brite. After our experts provide comprehensive window cleaning services, you won’t recognize your home. 

Reduced Utility Bills

HVAC systems work overtime when your windows can’t let in sufficient natural light. We can remove stubborn dirt and film to let in more sunlight, improving your HVAC unit’s efficiency and reducing monthly energy bills.

Hornets, rodents, and other pests construct nests in damaged or dirty windows. Protect your loved ones with the help of professional window cleaning services. Our team exterminates pests in your windows, making your home safer and cleaner than ever before. 

Increased Longevity

Window-Brite wants to ensure your windows last for as long as possible. Our 100% environmentally safe cleaning solutions guarantee a safe, thorough cleaning. Spend less time shopping for new windows by contacting our experienced team of window cleaners. 

Cleaner, Shinier Windows

Smudges and stains obstruct the view of broken glass panes and damaged window frames. Cleaning your windows can reveal cracks that you otherwise would miss. That means you can fix them before the damage escalates into something worse.

About Cottleville, MO

Cottleville sits a short drive an hour and a half east of Jefferson City. Founded in 1798, Cottleville once housed a famous Civil War recruiting center. Modern Cottleville hosts music festivals, has over 200 acres of parkland, and contains over seven historic walking trails for residents and visitors. 


The Cottleville/Weldon Spring Rotary Club Amphitheatre hosts local musicians and performances. Twilight Tuesdays at the Amiptheater provide live music all summer long. In Cottleville, you can explore the town’s history while enjoying unique modern-day festivities.

Cottleville is the perfect place for anyone interested in beautiful outdoor spaces and a flourishing community, 

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