While cleaning your windows often doesn’t make the list of weekly chores, they shouldn’t be left out of the home maintenance equation altogether. There are a few key reasons why window cleaning is essential. Let’s discuss the importance of keeping windows clean below:   

Improved Energy Efficiency  

Improving energy efficiency is a common trend in homeowners these days. Cutting costs on energy bills and saving the environment all in one swing is a win-win. Did you know cleaning your windows can play a role in energy savings?   

Dirt, grime, and other particle buildups can block out parts of a window. All this buildup reflects the sun’s UV rays and decreases your home’s access to the sun’s free heat. When you regularly clean your windows, you can improve your home’s heat efficiency with natural sources rather than cranking up the thermostat.  

Better Air Quality

Dirt particles will build up on your windows and sills, diminishing your property’s air quality and putting your family at risk of severe health issues. For example, mold is a common particle found on windows. Long-term mold exposure can create breathing trouble (and a host of other medical difficulties).

Top-of-the-Line Curb Appeal

The outside of your home says a lot about what the interior looks like. To give off a good impression in your neighborhood, clean windows are a must. In tandem with a regular power washing routine, your home will look the best on the block.  

Glass Degradation Reduction

Acid rain and hard water can cause a buildup of debris on your windows, sills, and window frames. Acid rain will damage your home and windows over time, making them filthy.

Dirt particles enter the glass’ pores, contaminating and corroding the windows. Eventually, the windows can be altered on a structural level and will need a full replacement. Cleaning your windows will prevent this outcome and give them far more longevity.

A Clear View

Dirty windows block natural sunlight and vibrant colors. A lack of natural sunlight can change your mood for the worse by making your home feel dark and gloomy.   

Don’t overlook the importance of keeping your windows clean, or you could end up with low energy efficiency, bad air quality, and many more problems. Reach out to Window Brite for your window cleaning needs in O’Fallon, MO

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