Deciding how to clean your windows can be daunting if you have a large house or building. Further, you may have tried washing your windows before and found that it only left them covered in streaks. Don’t fall for the most common window cleaning myths when you use our guide.

Rain Will Clean Your Windows

While it seems intuitive that rain would clean your windows for you, it may have the opposite effect in some cases. If your windows have dust, bird droppings, or other debris on them, the rain will mix with them and cause streaks. Of course, if you recently cleaned your windows, the rain will only make them cleaner.

Better To Use Hot Water

Here is another myth that makes sense but does not work. Using warm water will help scrub away dirt, but you don’t want to use water so hot that it evaporates. Water should be warm to help activate any cleansers you are using.

Window Cleaners Prevent Steaks

Not all glass cleaners are the same. Some may help reduce streaks, but most will leave your windows looking spotty if you don’t use the right tools. With a squeegee, you should remove all liquid from your windows to prevent streaking. If you are spot cleaning, pull the cloth or paper towel down the length of the window so that you don’t get any spots.

Pro Tip: Try this method on your car’s window shield next time you are at the gas station to prevent streaks.

Clean Windows on a Sunny Day

Going outside on a sunny day to do outdoor work seems ideal, but it is not ideal for window washing. You may end up with streaks on your windows because the sun will dry the water and your cleaning solution before you have a chance to wipe it off. Bright sun can also make it difficult to see the windows properly due to glares. Aim for an overcast day that is not too hot to clean your home or building windows.

Cheaper To Do It Yourself

Maintaining your windows with spot cleaning is certainly cheapest when done yourself, but properly cleaning the inside and outside of them is best left to the professionals. Especially when it comes to windows that are difficult to reach, you will want to rely on experts who have the tools to make your home and windows shine.

Hire the experts at Window-Brite to power wash your windows and help you avoid the most common window cleaning myths and mistakes. Our professionals provide window cleaning in O Fallon, MO, to make your home or building the brightest and most beautiful on the block.

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