When To Have Your Home’s Window’s Cleaned

Window cleaning is an essential form of maintenance to have done on your home. Window cleaning increases your home’s curb appeal while also protecting against long-term damage that can build up due to scratches from debris or minerals that weaken hard glass. Deciding when to have your home’s windows cleaned can vary for every homeowner. Generally, you’ll want to make your decision based on your window’s dirt build-up, the last time they were cleaned, and the weather.   

Are Your Windows Dirty?  

The most obvious way to tell when to have your home’s windows cleaned is if your windows are dirty. If obvious grime and dirt build-up is covering your windows, it’s time to get them cleaned.   

When Were Your Windows Last Cleaned?  

Typically, you should have your windows cleaned once a year. Depending on where you live, you may need to consider getting your windows cleaned more often. If you live in harsh weather conditions where grime might be more likely to build up quicker or near dusty dirt roads and construction, getting your windows cleaned twice a year will have a better impact on keeping your windows clean and intact.   

Do Seasons Matter?  

Window cleaning can be done in any season. Spring is a great time to plan for a window cleaning, as pollen and tree sap can often build up during the spring season. You’ll likely want to enjoy some time outdoors when summer and fall come around too. If you plan on entertaining at your home, don’t forget to get your windows cleaned, so all you must do is worry about the party. Contrary to popular belief, window cleaning can be done in the winter and even during the rainy season. While many people believe rain will dirty their clean windows, water markings and spots are only present on windows that have dirt built-up. On a freshly cleaned window, the water will simply evaporate.

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