You go to the doctor every year and take your car to the mechanic for regular inspections. But what about your house? Yearly maintenance is necessary to keep your home in tip-top shape, and that includes pressure washing. Pressure washing helps remove any buildup of debris and mold. You can power wash your deck, roof, siding, and fencing. Read on to discover the best times to pressure wash your home so you won’t have to redo it.

Consider Your Climate

When and how often you power wash your home may depend on what region you live in. While you only need to clean most home exteriors once per year, others could use more frequent maintenance. If you live in a region that experiences harsh winters, you might want to power wash your home twice each year in the spring and fall. Those situated in a warmer climate can get away with one annual power wash, although this may make a home more vulnerable to mold.

Choose the Right Season

The best times to pressure wash your home are between March and November. If you experience harsh winters, you’ll want to clean the exterior of your home in the spring. However, if storms are prominent in your area through the spring and summer months, you may want to choose autumn to clean your windows. Choose the season that directly follows the one that’s harshest in your area so that you can optimize your money and efforts.

Wait for Good Weather

It’s best to clean windows on a clear day with mild weather. Spring and fall tend to be the best times of year for this reason. Clouds make it difficult for you to see the top stories of buildings and prevent you from catching all the spots in the glass on windows.

Choose Professional Window Cleaners

Think about the last time that you pressure washed your home. If it’s been more than a year, it’s time to consider a professional service to clean your home’s exterior. When you notice black streaks running down the side of your house or want to improve your home’s appraisal value, contact Window-Brite to find out what our professional team can do for you. We offer power washing in O Fallon, MO, and know how to deal with the conditions that are particular to your area. Contact us today for an instant quote.

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