Benefits of soft washing

Many homeowners are hesitant to have their roof cleaned because they are unaware of the benefits of soft washing. Many might have heard horror stories of fly-by-night companies trying to clean roofs and damaging their landscaping or the roof itself. Our experienced roof cleaners will work on your home as theirs!

Professional Roof Cleaning Services

Let us save you thousands of dollars by soft washing your roof for a fraction of the cost of replacement. Think about it for a minute. Your roof was designed to last 25-30 years (asphalt shingles). Why would you re-roof before it is needed and waste all that money? Let Window-Brite cleaning experts provide complete roof cleaning services.

We provide roof washing at content-low pressure with a cleaning solution.

Proprietary Solution

We use our proprietary algicidal solution to gently remove Gloeocapsa Magma roof stains, moss, lichen, and other organisms that thrive on your roof. Our soft wash system is specifically designed to be under 100 PSI. The soft wash process relies on the cleaning solution to do the work, not high pressure.

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