Residential Power Washing Service

Residential Power Washing Service

Pressure washing may appear easy to the uninitiated, but there’s actually a science and level of specificity to it. Taking the grime and coated dirt off of your home’s siding requires familiarity with the tools involved and experience in using it adequately. All of our trained residential power washers in St. Charles, MO, and O’Fallon, MO, are skilled at getting home siding clean again in a timely manner. Check out what makes our services different below.

Securing the Environment

A crucial aspect of any residential power washing project is ensuring your home’s surroundings are protected. Our team members will wrap up any loose electrical cords, cover outlets, lay drop cloths over plants, and identify any spots that pressurized water could damage. As soon as the pressure washing begins, dirty water will get sprayed out, so it’s crucial to have plenty of room to work with.

Appropriate Pressure for Your Siding

One aspect of this service we always keep in mind is the correct pressure for your home’s siding material. While different substances can often handle varying rates of pressure, we take a universal approach to ensure there’s no risk of damage. Window-Brite keeps all of our pressure washing under 1,000 psi to provide a reliable clean without using too much strength.

The Correct Supplies for the Job

Our professional team of efficient pressure washers knows how to get your home’s siding washed in a way that will maximize its cleanliness for years to come. We use a time-tested system to ensure each inch of your residential exterior gets clean and doesn’t have areas of grime sticking around afterward. We scrub your siding with mildewcide from the bottom up to reach all nooks and crannies that soot and muck love to sit in. Then, we spray water from the top down while holding the nozzle at an angle, so water doesn’t get forced underneath your siding. We repeat this process with as many areas as necessary and wipe excess dirty water dry.

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