How Often Your Home’s Windows Should Be Cleaned

Windows are an important part of your home’s construction. They serve multiple purposes and must be clean to work properly. How often your home’s windows should be cleaned may depend on where you live. Keep reading to find out if you should be cleaning your windows more than twice a year.

Why Windows Get Dirty

You may not see anything making your windows dirty, but dust in the air can attach itself to your windows, accumulating over time. While it might seem like rain would wash away the dirt, it can actually make it worse. Windows get dirty for all sorts of reasons, and your home might be more at risk if you live in some environments. Factors that contribute to dirty windows include:

  • Areas with high wind
  • Construction
  • Busy streets
  • Trees and pollen
  • Dirty window screens

Reasons To Clean Your Windows

Cleaning your windows leaves them sparkling. You can boost your curb appeal and property value with clean windows. Further, they allow more natural light to come through. The benefits of natural light may include lower energy bills and a better mood. You’ll also enjoy your view more with cleaner windows.

Pro Tip: Power washing your home is part of routine home maintenance, which can extend the lifespan of your windows, roof, and siding.

Clean Your Windows Regularly

In most regions, you should have your home’s windows cleaned twice each year to keep your exterior looking its best. If your home is near a lot of trees or any area high in pollen, you might consider cleaning them more often. The best times of year to pressure wash your windows are in the early spring and late fall.

Hire a Professional

When you clean your own windows, you risk leaving streaks and spots that may look worse than before you started, so many prefer to leave this task to the professionals. Cleaning glass requires a skilled technique and the right products to avoid any mistakes. Further, if you have a house with multiple stories, you risk hurting yourself by climbing ladders and using various items at the same time. Professionals can also recommend how often your home’s windows should be cleaned based on your environment.

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