Commercial Glass Restoration

There’s a lot of maintenance that goes into preserving the beautiful, shiny finish on commercial buildings with glass architecture. Without regular cleanings with the proper products, stains can begin to build on windows and distract from the sleek and powerful look of clean glass. Glass stains can be caused from pollutants, mineral and cleaning product build-up, rust, or poorly executed waterproofing, caulking, or coating jobs.

At Window-Brite, we offer Commercial Glass Restoration services to restore, protect, and maintain commercial glass surfaces. Glass stains can be incredibly difficult to remove, but with our services, commercial windows will sparkle like new. Glass restoration is a less-costly alternative to window replacement, saving you time and money.

The longer glass stains are left untouched, the more it will cost to have them restored to their original shine. Contact us to set up an appointment or get a quote for Commercial Glass Restoration today.