5 Useful Tips To Clean Your Windows

Washing and cleaning the windows in your house can be a tedious and time-consuming chore. Thus, you might want to ensure that you would have it done correctly the first time. To avoid wasting your valuable time to redo these tasks, we have compiled here a few useful tips from experienced residential window cleaners in St. Louis. Check them out and speed up your process.

St Louis Window Cleaner

St Louis Window Cleaner

1) Always clean dust and dirt first

Before you start cleaning the windows, always vacuum up or sweep dust or dirt from the frame. This would help prevent these components from becoming a muddy mess when they are mixed with water or cleaner. If the screen of your window seems to be grimy, consider popping and washing it with a soft brush and sudsy, hot water. After that, rinse carefully and let it air dry. To dust blinds and shades quickly, you should go over both sides with a damp cloth or a microfiber duster. Do not forget to refresh the curtains in a dryer for around 10 minutes.

2) Do it on a cloudy, dry day

The ideal time to clean your window is a cloudy, dry day. Do these tasks in the blazing sun would make the cleaning solution dry much more quickly even before you can wipe off the surface. This makes it difficult to remove streaks and stains later. In case you have a tight schedule and must clean on a sunny day, then it is a good idea to start on the shadier side of your home. Gradually move to other parts when the sun changes its position during the day.

3) Be generous with your cleaner

You should never hold back on spraying a window cleaner, particularly when your windows are especially dirty. In general, you need a lot of cleaners to help suspend and dissolve dirt, thus making it easier to wipe it away completely. Skimp and it will lead to streaks on the glass surfaces. A simple tip is to go for spray bottles with fine mists, which would help minimize mess and drip when cleaning. You can easily find them in most home improvement stores.

4) Avoid using the squeegee

While professional window cleaners in St. Louis often use squeegees, they are the tools for everyone. In fact, it takes time to learn how to use these items properly. Many amateurs just squeegee down the windows and end up having water on the floor. Due to the possible drip and mess factor, avoid using squeegee if you aren’t used to it. This is especially true for small panes. Squeegee is more suitable for large picture windows.

5) Utilize a microfiber cloth

Many homeowners often dry window panes with newspapers. However, microfiber cloths can be a better option as they are washable, reusable, and super absorbent. This will ensure that your window glass can be streak-free and shiny after cleaning. If you choose paper towels, make sure to select a good brand. Otherwise, weak items would shred and leave behind lint on the surface, which can be time-consuming to clean later.